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Safety is our PRIMARY concern!

We value your safety highly at Armageddon Paintball so request that players follow all safety guidelines provided at the briefing before your game and the referee during your game.

Every person playing at Armageddon Paintball is required to fill out and sign a waiver. This MUST be done EVERY time they come to train or participate in any event.

Players under the age of 16 need to have a responsible adult to sign the waiver on their behalf.

In the event of wet weather, we may be forced to cancel or postpone a game. Should this be a possibility, we will contact you to discuss options.



-  Keep your MASK ON at all times when on the playing field.

-  Always keep BARREL COVERS in place when not on the playing field.

-  Never fire your gun where there are non-masked spectators around.

-  No close shooting. Offer your target the opportunity to surrender. If the target chooses not to surrender, then aim at the centre of mass where there is some padding.

-  Do not deliberately shoot at an opponent's head or other 'sensitive' areas.

-  No over shooting.

-  No shooting birds or wildlife.

-  No shooting the referees or photographers.

-  No Physical contact. (It's only a game).

-  Respect the playing field and equipment. Please don't break or change field structures.



  • If a paintball hits you and you feel it (whether it breaks or not), it is counted as a 'HIT'.
  • If a paintball hits your gun, it's not counted as a 'HIT'.
  • Once hit, yell out "HIT" as loudly as you can, hold you hand in the air and go back to the designated re-spawn point. Touch it and re-join the game.
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